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I want the best price for my scrap car! I want the best price for my scrap van!

I want a better price for my ELV scrap van or for my scrap car! And why wouldn't you? When our car of van comes to the end of its life, above all, you want the best price for it! 


At Take my Car Away we are here to buy all your unwanted vehicles. So how is our website different? 


Through our site, you can "negotiate" a price on our site if you think your car is worth more. After entering your End of Life vehicle reg into the system, you can click the "negotiate" and we can come back to you with a price. A negotiated price will be based on the car or vans engine size, engine code, gearbox code. If its a car we require, you'll get a revision. 

If you are happy with the new price click "sell now" and we will be in contact to take your car away.