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Environmental Policy

Based in Raunds, Northamptonshire, Auto Spares & Salvage Limited’s aim is to be the first destination for comprehensive vehicle recycling solutions. The company operates in three key areas, offering  comprehensive insurance vehicle salvage management services, provision of a wide range of high-quality used car parts and scrap car and commercial vehicle recycling.

The company carry out its activities relating to the recycling of End of Life Vehicles in line with the End of Life Vehicle Regulations 2003/2004, minimising the impact vehicle disposal has on the environment.

The policy of the company is to strive for continuous improvement in environmental performance in all its activities to protect the environment, with commitments to:

  • Ensure fully compliance with and wherever possible exceed all relevant legislation and regulation required to accomplish it’s activities.
  • Maintain appropriate pollution prevention measures which meet or exceed current legislation and where no legislation exists to introduce their measures.
  • Aim to reduce the consumption of limited resources including materials & energy.
  • Aim to avoid the generation of waste and wherever possible re-use or recycle any waste produced.
  • Aim to reduce the environmental impact of emissions, including noise & airborne matter.
  • Review all measures established to counteract negative environmental effects and to endeavour for continuous improvement.
  • Promote the recovery, re-use and recycling of end of life vehicles.
  • Encourage development of markets for recycled materials.
  • Continuously improve any recovery, re-use & recycling methods employed.
  • Work towards the recycling targets laid down by the directive.

Environmental measures and objectives are defined and monitored within the company and regularly reviewed to identify opportunities for continual improvement.

Certification to the internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management (ISO14001:2015) is used as the basis for the implementation of a robust environmental management system.

We will work to continually improve the company performance and associated management system to realise our care for the environment. The systems defined have our active full support. They are under continual review and improvement, however once defined, are mandatory for all personnel.