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How do I scrap my car or van?

The Process

  1. Enter your vehicles registration.
  2. Get your quote.
  3. Accept, decline or click the yellow button (to sell at the price you want!) *
  4. We collect from you or you get paid to deliver.
  5. Get paid!
  6. If your car is 2015 or newer, you'll get a better than scrap price.

Once you accept our offer please fill out all of your details and contact information and by simply clicking accept we will call you and arrange collection. Upon collection you will be required to present your V5 Logbook and a valid photo ID proving you own the vehicle. The law prevents us paying cash for any vehicle for scrap, all payments are made via BACS transfer. 

We buy any car, we buy any van, it does not matter if its a 1950 or a current year vehicle. All vehicles must be complete with engine gearbox intact, battery, exhaust must include a genuine catalytic converter. If any are parts are missing we will deduct from quoted price. 

Cars 2015 or newer will qualify for our premium price offer. All you need to do is provide pictures, show the valid MOT and confirm the cars runs well and point out if there are any faults. We will re-quote you. 

You can always email us at should you need more information. You can also use Whatsapp to send us pictures of your car in. The whatsapp tab can be found on our home screen. 

For fleet customer, car dealership, scrappage schemes, insolvency companies please contact us on the email above or call 01933 626166 and we can help you out further.

Data Management - What information we require from you

The data we ask for & you provide to us as part of generating a web quote or in completing a sales/purchase transaction is managed by us in accordance with GDPR.  By ticking the check box on the quotation page, you are giving your consent for your data to be collected and stored for the purpose of generating a quotation.   We may contact you by telephone, email, or text. 

During the process of buying/ scrapping your vehicle Take my car away will require some of your personal data. We are required to collect & retain this by law (Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013). GDPR allows us to process (obtain, use & store) your data on the lawful basis of Legal Obligations as a business (including, but not limited to HMRC, DVLA, SMDA13 and is destroyed when we are no longer legally obliged to retain it.  The information may also be shared with our business partners who may assist with the uplift of your vehicle.  The sensitive data for example:  bank details is only accessible to authorized persons within the company. 

The personal data that process includes your: -

  • Name
  • Full postal address
  • Contact mobile telephone number & e-mail address
  • Details of your vehicle

Proof of the above is taken by means of:

  • Vehicle registration document (if available) or declaration of SORN
  • UK photo driving licence
  • Passport plus a utility bill (dated within last 3 months)

If you require us to make a payment to you for your vehicle we will also require the following information from you:

  • Bank account name
  • Bank account sort code
  • Bank account number

All of the above data collected is solely for the purpose of buying or scrapping your vehicle in line our legal requirements (compliance with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013; in order to adhere to sale to DVLA motor trader rules or notify DVLA that we have destroyed your vehicle by issuing a Certificate of Destruction).

We will retain this information for the period required by law for the retention of documentation, which is 3 years, after which it will be deleted.

This data is not used for any other purpose & is not shared with any other organisation, other than the statutory authorities which, upon request, have the legal right examine our business records.

The full version of our Privacy Policy is available on our home page


  1. Will it cost me anything to get use take my car away?
    No, the scrap car removal service we provide will not cost you a penny, simply enter reg and postcode and get your quote and get paid.
  2. Does my vehicle have to be complete?
    To receive the full quoted price the car/van needs to have the following intact: engine, gearbox, four wheels & tyres, battery, suspension, catalytic convertor and bodywork complete. We reserve the right to renegotiate the price if the condition of the vehicle is found to be different to that described.
  3. Does it matter if my vehicle is damaged?
    We accept any cars & vans in all conditions; however, damage does need to be declared when we call you to book your collection and the vehicle must be rolling on wheels. The price may or may not differ once evaluated. The vehicle still needs to have all components and be complete. We accept mot failures, accident damaged vehicles, insurance write offs, mechanical failure vehicles and so on. 
  4. Do I need my V5 Logbook and any Proof of identification?
    We do require the V5 logbook. If you cannot for any reason find it, we can get you to fill out our disclaimer transfer sheet and produce some ID and any information you have for the vehicle i.e. insurance documents containing vehicle details and your address coupled with your ID. You will require to V5 logbook to SORN (Statutory off road notification) your vehicle. It is best if you SORN your vehicle and claim your tax back and uninsure your vehicle as soon as we collect. 
  5. Do I receive a better price if I can deliver to the car to take my car away site?
    Yes! You will receive extra money for delivering the vehicle to us. The amount will be shown at the quote stage
  6. Does my vehicle need MOT & Insurance for take my car away to accept?
    No, these are not at all necessary.
  7. Can I fill the car up with any non-car related waste?
    No, take my car away can only deal with automotive waste. We would charge an environmental charge of £80 + vat to dispose of any materials non car related left in the vehicle. 
  8. Do I need to inform the DVLA that you have taken my car away?
    At take my car away we deal with the DVLA and Certificate of Destruction for you. You will have to SORN (statutory off road notification) and make sure that is done. You take the yellow trader V5/9 section of the logbook and fill our company details in there and send it to the DVLA. Our company details are as follows:

    Take My Car Away / Autospares and Salvage Ltd
    Station House
    Station Road

    VAT Reg. No. 382107174
  9. Can I apply for a refund of vehicle tax before my vehicle is collected?
    If you do not use or keep your vehicle on the public highway, eg kept in a garage, driveway or private land the vehicle does not need to be taxed but must be declared SORN Statutory Off Road Notification
    You will no longer need to make a separate application for a refund of vehicle tax, once the vehicle arrives at our site we transfer the ownership to us. DVLA will automatically issue a refund when the notification from take my car away is received to say that the vehicle has been sold or scrapped. Please see
  10. When will I get paid?
    We usually pay within 24 hours of collection or one working day method of payment is by bank transfer. We cannot pay cash for any vehicle (in accordance to Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013).
  11. Will I get a certificate of Destruction (C.O.D)
    Not all vehicles will be crushed. Those vehicles qualifying for a C.O.D will be processed at our ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) and a C.O.D will be issued via the DVLA website . We can e-mail you a copy.

*subject to agreement